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January 26, 2007

Luján Fernández, 4

Lujan Fernandez came into this world in 1979 in Argentina. She grew up with an affinity for acting and from early childhood was involved with several local television programs. It seemed like a career in front of the camera was not unrealistic and throughout high school, this is where Fernandez was headed.

Her plans all changed in Uruguay, however, when she was 14 years old. As she was tanning on the beach, a scout could not help but notice this beautiful girl and her potential for modeling success. He approached, told her how unique she was, and they exchanged information. After consulting with her parents upon arrival back home, Fernandez decided to try out this new opportunity. Many will note that this discovery is eerily similar to countrywoman Yamila Diaz-Rahi's.

A few photo shoots later, Fernandez was hooked on modeling. Though she would continue doing a few jobs in television, she knew the fashion industry was her calling. With hard work, local and even international publications soon marked her resume, all before she was 18.

The big time really hit, however, when she reached that magical age. Thanks to a good agent, Fernandez was soon seen in Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar. The work kept coming and, like many foreign models before her, she decided to move to New York City.

This would prove to be a great decision, as she was now more accessible. Print campaigns for Chloe, Victoria's Secret and Emmanuel Ungaro followed, while she hit the runway for the likes of Ralph Lauren, BCBG and John Bartlett. In the fast-paced world of modeling, the name "Lujan Fernandez" was becoming ever more present.

A string of big-time names kept a knocking, as Fernandez was soon employed by Perry Ellis while appearing in American, Italian and German Vogue, in addition to GQ and Elle. The real moneymaker, however, came in 2000, when Sports Illustrated called to ask if she would appear in its swimsuit issue. This coveted magazine would not be disappointed, as she steamed up the pages and then came back a year later to do it all again.

It was these two SI appearances that cemented Fernandez's title as supermodel. The world over got a glimpse of her assets, and liked what it saw. Soon, she was the most prominent Latina model, and one of the busiest as well, doing more runway shows and magazine shoots than ever before.

Now firmly entrenched amidst top-tier models, Fernandez continues to blow us away. With plans in full swing for another busy year or two doing various fashion shoots, she has also made it clear that a career in television is not unrealistic. Considering her track record and beauty, we would only hope this new venture comes to fruition.


Whether legs, breasts, eyes, or southern cheeks catch your eye first, Fernandez will draw you in one way or another. She is one of the most well-rounded Latin babes out there and loves to show it all off, despite giving off an innocent allure.

From her deep chocolate brown eyes down to her world-famous behind and long legs, she drips sex appeal. Thanks to Fernandez, Argentina has been added to our South American tour, after the beaches of Brazil, of course.


Discovered at the age of 14, Fernandez's life quickly took a turn toward fame and fortune. Despite some success doing television in her homeland of Argentina, she decided to follow the modeling route and has never looked back.

She has been featured in publications like Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire and European and American editions of Vogue. Her schedule became even more hectic after doing back-to-back Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues in 2000 and 2001. Big-time fashion names like Perry Ellis, Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret, and John Bartlett came calling to do print campaigns and runway shows following the success in SI.

In the future, Fernandez plans to return to television but is looking forward to the many years of modeling ahead of her.

Lujan Fernandez

Lujan Fernandez

Lujan Fernandez

Lujan Fernandez

Lujan Fernandez

Lujan Fernandez

Lujan Fernandez


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