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May 24, 2008

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou is a Greek model, actress, and pop singer. She is the winner of Greece's Miss Young in 2002 at the age of 15. Four years later, Alexandratou won the beauty title "Miss Greece International 2006" (also called the "Runner-up Star Hellas 2006") at the Miss Star Hellas pageant.


Julia Alexandratou was born on November 24, 1986 to a father who hails from Kefalonia, named Zisimos Alexandratos and a mother who hails from London, England, named Allison Hunt-Alexandratou. Her father is a highly-educated mechanical engineer, while her mother is a former model. She also has a sister three years her senior, Artemis Alexandratou.

From a very young age, Julia's beauty and talent were revealed. Along with her mother, she modeled in numerous magazines and children's fashion ads. She has modelled since the age of 4 and has also participated and won in countless pageants. At age 7, she was enrolled in ballet lessons, and later on in vocal and acting training, and she exhibited great potential. Julia entered the Miss Young pageant in 2002, and conquered the first prize, at the age of only 15.

During times where there were familial problems, Julia lived in London with her mother for a couple of years. After these times Julia pulled back from her artistic training.

From the pageant in 2006 and on, Julia has been a very sought-after icon in Greece. She is a favourite of the tabloids and many rumours have been suggested about her that were never confirmed by the star herself. After the pageant, speculation occurred about who she was romantically involved with, although no signs of such were present. Rumors existed about Kostas Sommer, Andreas Constantinidis, etc.

Contrary, Julia has been in a long-term relationship with famous Greek star-mamager and TV Personality Elias Psinakis, the ex-manager and best friend of Sakis Rouvas. The two were introduced in the spring of 2006, after the pageant. Elias was the main judge on the hit Greek reality show Dream Show, where her sister Artemis was a contestant. One rumour suggested that Elias and Artemis may have had a fling, and that Julia was introduced to Elias through her sister. They both have said that they were 'good friends,' but rumours about the couple flared up in October, 2006, after they were publicly seen at the Alpha Network party of Nikos Hatzinikolaos, an exclusive that was covered by Espresso News. In January, 2007, Elias posed on the cover of the Greek magazine Tripaki, where Julia conducted the interview, and they both confessed their relationship. They remarkably managed to keep their relationship a secret for many months, considering that both of them are very sought after by Greek media. A possibility for all of the secrecy may have been that Julia was only 19 at the time, while Elias is about 25 years older than her. The media was surprised to learn about this as Elias Psinakis had a reputation and has never been reported to have ever been in any public relationship, but another reason for the anticipation was that this was also Julia's first public relationship.

The two have made only few appearances together, and have avoided big events such as awards shows and the wedding of Greek songstress Peggy Zina, where Elias was the best man. Julia made two guest appearnaces at the hit show Ellada Ehis Talendo, where Elias was the main juge, once as a spectator, and the other as a 'surprise guest' invited by the show's host Sofia Aliberti, and later on in the year, at Elias' other reality show TV Stars Parousiaste!, where she sang. Elias Psinakis also made a cameo appearance in Julia's over-sexualized video for the satirical song, "Stohos Ine Ta Lefta."

Their relationship has endured mauch scrutiny by the media, with rumors of it being only a publicity stunt existed, and that also, Julia has also been linked to men from the Greek Synaspismos political party leader Alexis Tsipras to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, all of which she herself has denied. Despite numerous rumors, Psinakis is the only man that Alexandratou has admitted to being romantically involved with (On shows such as 'Ola 7').

Psinakis was accused of using the young model as a career stunt, and that he is secretly her manager, to which in an interview with reporter Giorgios Satsidis from the show Pass Pantou on Antenna, Psinakis replied Look, Julia and I are very good friends. We have no interest in each other based on professional reasons. Not everything is as people see it to be, and anything can be scrutinized. In a related interview on Proinos Kafes, Julia stated about her partner Elias is a very, very important person in my life. He has not only been my good friend and helped me professionally, but also psychologically. There might be different opinions of him, but he is not only what he seems...He is a person with a great soul.

Shortly after the beginning of their relationship, Julia went to live with him in his Athens home. Rumors of engagement have existed, and Julia herself had claimed on Alpha Channel with Fotis & Maria that she herself had proposed to him after they were very briefly separated. In mid 2007, Traffic Magazine had reported that after a Greek paparazzo had failed to co-operate in forfitting his camera after having invaded their privacy, the two of them had attacked the man. Nearly two years into their relationship, they still opt to keep personal affairs very private.

In 2006, Julia returned to the entertainment industry with her participation in the 17th Miss Star Hellas pageant which took place on April 9,2006 (semi-final), and April 11, 2006 (finals). Julia was considered to be the favorite to win the competition, as the judges had all given her all perfect 10 points in all four rounds of the competition, a first ever in the entire history of the pageant, and still to date. Julia also made history on the night of the semi-finals, where she was awarded both of the 'special awards': a crown for 'Miss Diva', and then another prixe of a pearl necklace for 'Miss Lux'. One contestant being the recipient of both titles had never occurred before. However, at the end of the semi-finals Julia seemed to be uncomfortable with some of the arrangements, and had mad a facial gesture after receiving both titles. One the night of the finals, she remained the favourite and maintained perfect scores, but in the time period where the judges had given their opinions, actor Kostas Sommer had responded I think it's obvious that number 9 [Julia Alexandratou], has definitely been distinguished from the rest of the ladies, except for certain behavioral issues. Sommer's comment was later castigated by the Greek media, as soon after, Julia lost the first title to Olympia Hopsonidou winning Miss B' Star Hellas. Soon after the event, the Greek network Antenna that had held it, and its producers received much harsh criticism for 'robbing' Alexandratou of the title, and it was often thought to be a publicity stunt by the network.

After the competition, Alexandratou had exclaimed I've worn a lot of crowns in my life. I really didn't need another one. Many people took this as ego, but Julia had later expressed that what she meant was that I like the work of a model but I am not crazy about it, and that she was eager to pusrue other things. Julia was to participate in the Miss International pageant in Tokyo, Japan, but she did not, supposedly due to budget cuts, or her own will.

Julia made her first appearance after the competition on a live show of Fame Story4, and was a guest singer the Greek song titled "Mono Yia Sena" ("Only For You") by former Fame Story3 contestant Andreas Constantinidis, which was featured as the first single on his debut album and she also appeared in the video clip. The song became one of the biggest hits of the whole year and also had great success on the video charts, ringtones, and download charts. After her participation, she was frequently questioned if she was going to pursue a career in music.

A few months later, Julia was a co-host to the hit show Megalicious Chart Live! alongside Mad TV presenter Themis Georgandas. She did many television appearances, and in the course of one year, did over 10 magazine covers on magazines such as Nitro, Diva, and Celebrity. Losing the pageant seemed to have sky-rocketed her fame, and the publicity seemed to never end for the youg artist.

Her subsequent fame and popularity, led to her hosting her own show, called Music Bee, with her friend Stathis Aitiatoglou. Originally, the show was highly-anticipated and had an informative theme of music news in Greece and abroad. Unfortunately, the ratings soon dropped, but this was rumored to be because of conflicts with her network on payroll, as well as Antenna trying to change her public image and conflicts in her personal life, and it was speculated that she herself had left the network.

In 2007, she released two singles on her own, "Stohos Einai Ta Lefta" ("The Target Is The Money") and "I Vasilissa Tis Pistas" ("The Queen Of The Dance Floor"). She also made her film debut in a comedy by Nikos Perakis, playing a singer named Areti. She starred alongside actors such as Giorgios Kimoulis, and the film premiered in December, with good critiques.

Recently, rumors of recording a studio album and a Hollywood film deal have existed. There has also been talk of Julia pursuing an international career, in both film and music.

Birth name: Τζούλια Αλεξανδράτου (Julia Alexandratou)
Birthdate: 24 November 1986
Birthplace: Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Measurements: 37-23-37 (US) / 94-59-94 (EU)
Height: 5ft 10in / 1.77m
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Light Blonde
Weight: 124 lb (56 kg/8.9 st)
Ethnicity: Greek
Title(s): B Star Hellas 2006; Miss Young 2002; Miss Greece International 2006; Miss Diva; Miss Lux
Shoe size: 8 (US) / 39 (EU)

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou


  1. everything ok - except psinakis. they broke up very soon after being "involved" together. yes, elias helped julia with her career, but their affair were nothing more than a promo trick. at the end of this story julia gave interview where she publicly refused from psinakis, laughed and even abused him. right after that she got involved with mishel pogosian - a successfull handsome 28.y.o. barman from mykonos and now they two have bought a house and live together.
    as for psinakis- he has relationship with a person whom he knew before julia.

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