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January 26, 2007

Luisana Lopilato, 3

Luisana Lopilato is an Argentine actress and model, probably best known for portraying Mia Colucci in Argentine TV show Rebelde Way (2002-2003), but also in telenovelas like Chiquititas (1998-2001), Casados con Hijos (2005-2006), Alma Pirata (2006) and El Capo (2007), which were very successful. Currently, she is working on new telenovela 4x4.

Lopilato will also star in telenovela Encandilados, a mini-telenovela on cell phones.

As a singer, Lopilato became popular singing in telenovela Chiquititas, recording four Chiquititas soundtracks. But, she became popular singer worldwide in Argentine band Erreway, with Felipe Colombo, Camila Bordonaba and Benjamín Rojas. She was Erreway member in period 2002-2005. Officially, she left it in 2007. Currently, she's working on her first solo CD.

As a model, Luisana Lopilato works for Argentine high fashion brands 47 Street and Promesse. In April 2008, she took part in John Foos's fashion show. She currently dates Juan Mónaco.

Lopilato, who lists Andrea Del Boca among her career influences, made her television acting debut at the age of twelve, in 1999. She was chosen to play Luisana Maza in Chiquititas (known in English as Tiny Angels). She joined Chiquititas in its fifth season and stayed with the show until the very end, three years later. She also had a role in the movie of the aforementioned series.

She continued her acting career as Mia Colucci in Rebelde Way, and she began her career as a musician, in a group named Erreway. In 2002 Luisana Lopilato became a well-known teenage celebrity in Argentina thanks to her role in Rebelde Way. For three years she was one of the leads of Rebelde Way and core-member of Erreway. Erreway launched a CD that earned Lopilato a golden album award in Argentina. In 2004, she starred in Erreway: La Película (4 Caminos). During her time in Rebelde Way, she was featured in more than 50 magazine covers.
Lopilato on the cover of Luz magazine (2007).

She received several subsequent acting offers and ended up signing with Pol-ka Productions, with which she did two telenovelas, Los Secretos de Papá and Los Pensionados. In 2005 she acted in Casados con Hijos, Argentine's version of Married with Children, playing Paola (in the original version her role was played by Christina Applegate), she starred alongside her real-life brother and two of Argentina's top-comedians Florencia de la Peña and Guillermo Franchella. This show earned Martín Fierro Award for the best comedy in 2006. Luisana herself received nomination for the best co-actress 2006. In 2006, she worked with producer Cris Morena on her show Alma Pirata.

In 2007, she was host of Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica, Latin MTV Awards, with Valerie Domínguez, Miss Colombia 2006. Argentine magazine Gente (Argentine People) named Luisana for "the face of the year". She also played in theatre play Arlequin, earning nomination for an Argentine ACE Award.

In 2008, when Bruce Willis visited Argentina, Luisana Lopilato was his guide.

Currently, Luisana is working on new soap opera, named 4x4, with Gabriel Goity, Rodrigo Guirao, Elías Viñoles, Camila Bordonaba and her brother Darío. Making of this telenovela will start in June 2008. Right now, Luisana is working on the theatre play Cinderella. Her partner should be Benjamin Rojas, but he cancelled his role because of the contract with the Disney Channel.

Her first animated movie Plumíferos is waiting for its premiere in 2008.

Lopilato will also star in telenovela Encandilados, the first telenovela on cell phones ever. Each episode will have 4 minutes. This telenovela is a telenovela for youth, made especially for cell-phones. Rodrigo González, Néstor Sánchez and Sabrina Garciarena will also star.

The premiere of the theatre play La Cenicieta was on May 17, 2008 at the Astral Theatre. She plays the lead female role, Cinderella. The play has a large success.

Her 2007 telenovela El Capo has been nominated for Martin Fierro Award for the best TV comedy.

During she filmed Rebel's Way, Lopilato became a member of band Erreway. With them, she recorded three studio albums, Señales, Tiempo and Memoria.

Officially, Lopilato left Erreway in 2007. She was not on the Spain tour 2005, because she had to film Casados con Hijos, but she didn't say she really lef the band. Now, she is not the member of the Erreway anymore. Camila Bordonaba sings Luisana's parts in songs. Lopilato is planning her own music career. Luisana Lopilato said in interview for BRAVO magazine in August 2007: "I couldn't go on Erreway's tour in December (2006), but I said to our manager that I'll be able to go on the next tour. But, he didn't tell that to Camila, Felipe and Benjamin. I've never left mananger, our mananger has expelled me. Today, I can say that I'm not a member of Erreway, but who know what will happen in the future".

It was rumored that, because of leaving Erreway, Cris Morena told Lopilato she will not have any role in her production, either her brother Dario. Nobody said it's true, but nobody denied it.

Lopilato is preparing her own solo career. Her first CD should be in melodic style, but Lopilato mostly likes jazz. Now, when she doesn't work on TV or in theater, she teaches playing saxofon and singing. After break-trough, she plans to record a jazz CD. On her first CD, she decided to work with Universal studio. Also, she told to publicity that she will have new image - something like Hilary Duff and Ashlee Simpson.

Since 2006, Lopilato is promoting 47 Street fashion house. As a model, Lopilato works for 47 Street fashion. Her first photos for 47 Street were taken in 2006, with Camila Bordonaba and Benjamín Rojas. She did 2007 campaign alone. In 2008, she did the campaign for Autumn-Winter fashion with more three models, Sumi, Nadia and Belén.

Since 2006, Luisana does campaign for Promesse swimsuits. In April 2008, she was one of the lead models (with her brother Darío, Soledad Solaro, Brenda Díaz, María Del Cerro and many others) on John Foos fashion show.

Birth name: Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre
Born: May 18, 1987
Origin: Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina
Occupations: Model, Actress, Singer

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato


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